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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a hair & makeup trial?

The short answer is No, the long answer is Probably! Most brides want a trial to test not only the look they want, but also their stylist. More about this in our Things To Know about trials section. For all other events we generally don't do trials. In some cases people request them and that's fine by us, but its uncommon.

When should I wash my hair?

As a general rule, the evening before is great. At the same time give it a quick blow dry so your hair is really dry the next morning. If you have particularly oily hair you can wash and blow dry on the morning of the event.

Do I need to provide anything myself?

The only thing (other than decorative things like hair accessories) that we suggest you have yourself is your lipstick. Whilst we have a range of colours on hand we won't be there throughout the event to touch you up so best to have your own with you.

Do you supply false lashes?

Yes we do! We always carry individual false lashes which we believe to be the best lashes to use for any event. They're light, more natural looking and don't lift. If you'd like to have strip lashes we recommend you purchase these yourself. The range of strip lashes available now is amazing, so best to buy the ones that you like the look of and give you the overall look you're going for.